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David Mastorakis is known as bodybuilding's child prodigy.

   In 1965, at the very young age of 15, David Mastorakis from Granby, Massachusetts was selected as the youngest bodybuilder to qualify as a Mr. America competitor. Nine years later he would take 3rd Place in that contest. For the next three consecutive years he did the same. During his 17 years of competition, Dave won over 75 awards. As a teenager his first award was 3rd Place in the Mr. New England contest. Dave went on to win Mr. East Coast, Mr. Atlantic States, Mr. New England States, Jr. Mr. America and Mr. North America. Additionally, Dave has appeared on several national bodybuilding magazine covers and has sat for numerous interviews.

   Dave’s career took him clear across the country, and upon retiring from competition in 1982, Dave began personal training- one of the very first to do so in the state of California.

   In 1998, Dave decided to try the Natural Bodybuilding competition where he took 3rd Place in the Masters Division in the ABA Mr. World contest. In doing so, Dave realized the discipline and dedication it takes to compete as an older contestant- and doing so completely natural. This is when Lords of Discipline was created…for inspiring natural, drug free bodybuilding and fitness. Natural bodybuilders have the difficult job of getting into contest condition without the use of dangerous, and sometimes life-threatening, drugs. DISCIPLINE is their only real weapon to accomplish this task.

   David Mastorakis is a walking encyclopedia on Physical Fitness. His own intense training and unrelenting quest for the most scientific and safe forms of exercise have earned him over 75 bodybuilding awards and numerous regional and national titles. Dave’s tenure in Los Angeles earned him the honor of being one of the most well-known personal trainers of celebrities, athletes and executives.

   David has always had a thirst for proper exercise application. His advised methods center around Nautilus training where he has conferred with Nautilus inventor, Arthur Jones, and he endlessly studies the subjects of nutrition, anatomy and exercise physiology.

   Now, back in Massachusetts, Dave’s FITNESS through SCIENCE, Personal Training and Sports Conditioning programs and expertise are available to you.

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