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A message from Dave Mastorakis

   The total fitness program is not complete without the awareness of simple lifestyle changes.

   As a personal fitness trainer it is my obligation to make one aware of both the fitness and the lifestyle changes, thereby creating the balanced 'WELLNESS" program.

   There are five building blocks to such a program. These preventative medical steps are designed to both add quality and quantity to your life. They are: proper balanced fitness program, ideal bodyweight and proper nutrition, elimination of all tobacco products, limited alcohol amounts, and blood pressure and cholesterol management.

   It is always easier to motivate a sick individual. Most people will respond to their doctor’s orders. At that time it may be too late.

The task of every fitness and wellness instructor is to motivate healthy individuals with no symptoms. Preventative medicine is shifting from warnings and fear tactics to education for motivation. Start "NOW"!! Stop smoking NOW!! Increase your physical fitness activity NOW!! Reduce your excess weight NOW!! It is the quality of life and the enhancement of personal well-being that will create a center of harmony- both physical and spiritual.

   Remember the Greek belief: "A SOUND MIND IN A SOUND BODY".

Sincerely yours,

David Mastorakis

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