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“I feel terrific and my body tone and shape are vastly improving. My waist is down 1-2 inches and my weight is down 10 lbs. without dieting.”

Maclyn E. Wade, M.D.

Director of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cedar Sinai Medical Center,

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UCLA

“Dave Mastorakis is an expert in assisting people to maximize their potential. He causes people to reach a level even beyond their expectations through a scientific and programmed approach with a personal touch.”

Dale Ellen Shumate

Director of Public Relations

Neiman-Marcus, Beverly Hills

“Working out with Dave is very effective in terms of my body. I feel better when we're finished. If I weren't working out with Dave, I probably wouldn't be working out at all.”

Sidney Sheldon



To whom this may concern:

What does it take to play at the highest level of lacrosse possible?

Can training with Dave help me become the best lacrosse player and athlete possible?

Those are the questions I asked myself a year a half ago. At my current age of 28 the vast majority of the guys I have played lacrosse with have hung up their cleats long ago. Not many people can say at 28 years old they are stronger, lighter, and faster then they ever have been in their whole life, but I can.

Let me first start off with a little background on myself. I played my High School lacrosse for Westfield High where I played Varsity Lacrosse 3 of my 4 years. I attend lacrosse camps at Umass, Brown, and Peak 200 at Springfield College. I was also selected to play in the Baystate games for the West. My senior year I was voted team captain by my peers. I was also voted All League and All Western Mass at the end of my senior year. I went on to play my College ball for NCAA Div I Quinnipiac University in Hamden Connecticut where I started every game of my junior and senior years. I currently play lacrosse at the club level for the Westfield Cranx and coach youth Lacrosse in Agawam.

I started training with Dave just prior to my 2002 Men’s summer league season. I had lost my focus and was not training as hard as I needed to be. I was losing both strength and speed. I was reluctant to work out with Dave since I already knew how to work out, what could Dave possibly teach me? I finally decided to give him a shot after listening to his training ideas. I figured I’d work out with Dave once, learn some new things and then continue to train by myself. Well here we are over 1 ½ years later and I’m STILL training with Dave! It is simply impossible for me to reproduce the quality of a training session with Dave on my own. Every time we workout I continue to move forward and get stronger.

Why Dave? What is the difference? Just like in lacrosse where experience is worth its weight ingold Dave has tried everything and knows what REALLY works. If you give Dave 100% effort he will make you stronger, faster, lighter, and an all around better athlete. Like anything worth attaining in life it does not come for free, you need to train hard. After a 45 minute workout with Dave I have been brought to utter exhaustion. I have almost “lost my lunch” on a number of occasions after our workouts but the results are worth it.

My only regret is that I did not have access to Dave while still playing in High School and College, I have NO doubt in my mind that I would have been able to obtain even greater success with the additional speed, agility, and strength.


Geoffrey W. Moore


Marissa Kulig-Hunt training for the 2004 US Open

 Hi David,

   I've been going to the gym off and on in spurts for the past 3 years.  I'm 25 (turning 26 next week) and not happy with my exercise regimen.  I am not in shape and that's why I'm at the gym again but serious about it now.  I turned pro (LPGA Golf Professional) spring of 2001 and would like to get myself into the best shape I can and participate in some tournaments.  As you noticed, I have been doing some weightlifting.  I don't have a specific program that I follow because I'm not sure what to work on.  All I know is for the winter we have left, I want to get myself physically fit and my body toned.....'

   6 months have passed and I am extremely happy I decided to train with you.  Not only did you help me get physically fit and feeling better, but also gave me much increased strength with my golf game.  Not playing or competing the past 2-3 years has really brought me down mentally and physically.  Since I've been working out, I have no problem walking 36 holes a day or hitting balls all afternoon.  I simply have no fatigue.  Many people have noticed my increased distance as well.  The ultimate goal though is to qualify for the US Women's Open next year at the Orchards and also the year after in Newport, RI.  I have played in one tournament so far this year - the LPGA T&CP Division Northeast Section Championship and did not do as well as I expected.(due to nervousness)  This upcoming week I have another tournament - Massachusetts Women's Open - and plan on improving my performance.

   Besides the strength training for me, I also have to perfect and sharpen my golfing skills.  2-3 years off is a lot of time to miss.  I feel though if I can play throughout the Fall as much as possible and this winter go south for a little bit, my game will come together.  I am looking forward to working out even harder this winter season and reaping the rewards next season!

   Dave you have no doubt helped me.  Besides your golf conditioning program, you have impressed me tremendously with all your knowledge of nutrition and the body itself.  I have learned a lot about different muscles and how they work which is extremely helpful with me teaching the golf swing.  I appreciate all your help Dave!!!

 Marissa Kulig-Hunt Pro/Shaker Farm CC


   I wanted to thank you for the help you've given me in increasing my strength and stamina through your weight training program and nutrition tips. In past years I have experienced neck and back problems from golfing and bike riding. This past summer has been virtually pain free and after playing 108 holes for my Dawn to Dusk Golf Marathon I felt I could have kept on going for another 18 or more! My energy level is higher than its ever been and I feel I am hitting the golf ball much further with a lot less effort. Thanks again Dave for all your help!

Tom Burke

Beginning with Dave last November, I was (like a lot of you may be) a skeptic to the benefits of any strength training program. My skepticism was quickly put to rest however, upon meeting Dave and starting his program. I was immediately impressed with the toughness of the workouts, as well as the professionalism in which Dave approached his job. In a short period of time I was able to see a definite change in my physical ability and appearance both on and off the field. But it was not until the season started that I truly realized just how much Dave’s program had helped me. My arm strength had improved dramatically, and I was now able to make plays that I could not have made a year before. Another area where Dave’s program helped me was in endurance. Long games and long practices no longer phased me. And when if by chance I was sore from a long game or practice, I noticed that my recovery time was now much faster. As a serious athlete which I consider myself, I would recommend that you begin training with Dave as soon as you can. You will be amazed, just as I was amazed at the benefits of Dave’s strength training program.

Rory M. Pasini, Longmeadow High School Shortstop

Named All League and All Western Mass 2003

Last year I was having knee, back and arm problems during the season. I was given David’s name as a strength coach to try to prevent these problems, and make those areas as well as everything else stronger. After working out two or three times per week for about 40 minutes of extreme workouts the problems I was having were greatly reduced. I have noticed a change of strength in my arm speed and bat power. David is an excellent guy and knows exactly what he is doing. It has been great going to see him a few times a week and I would suggest that you do the same.

Adam Frankee, Monson High School Catcher

Named All Western Mass 2003


In the beginning the workout that Dave put me through was hard to complete. I was not as strong as I thought I was. Going through the first week was the toughest. But now that I am more fit is not as difficult. The weight training program Dave put me on helped me improve so much this season. It might not show in the record, but it certainly showed in my performance. I was able to throw a lot more pitches than I was able to in the past. The one game that I remember it helping me the most was against the Longmeadow baseball team. It went 13 innings and Jon Rapporport and myself pitched the entire game. In the end I was throwing the same velocity that I had in the beginning of the game. I felt that I was a good player before I started with Dave. But now that I am working out with Dave, I feel that I have become a great player based on this season’s performances. I used to have arm problems in the past years because I was in poor condition. But this year I am in better shape and able to perform at a higher/faster level. If I could give you just one bit of advice, it is that you start working out with Dave as soon as you can. It really does help a lot!

Mike Lavato, Cathedral High School Pitcher

I actually enjoyed the training a lot. I noticed results almost immediately! Mostly due to my off-season training, I felt that I had the fastest hands on the team. While it got a little strenuous at times, I knew it was for the better. I am actually looking forward to continuing the workouts. I will definitely stay in touch.

Michael Dorval, Belchertown High School Pitcher

Named all Western Mass 2003

I always thought weight training would improve my performance in baseball, but I was never determined to do so. It was always difficult for me to keep a regiment up for more than a couple of weeks. But after starting with Dave I WANTED to lift every other day and I made time for it. He pushed me considerably, which everyone needs when they are trying to get stronger. If one does not entirely MAX OUT on each exercise, their workout is not as beneficial. I just wish I had started earlier with Dave. I was consistent with the workouts for about six weeks. Yet in ONLY SIX WEEKS I not only was able to hit the ball harder, I finally, after two years.

Bobby Carrington, Westfield High School Pitcher

Most Valuable Pitcher Award/Fenway High School All-Star Game

Two Years All Western Mass